Indelible Ink – 30 April 2013
30 April 2013 10:49

Press Statement, 30 April 2013


Indelible Ink


PEMANTAU is deeply shocked that the indelible ink promised to Malaysians for GE13 was reported to be ineffective as an anti-fraud measure. We have received complaints from Parliamentary constituencies in Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur and Sarawak that advance voters were able to remove the “indelible” ink using hand sanitiser gel, alcohol swabs, petrol and even soap. Pictures have already begun circulating on social media networks.


It is outrageous that this should happen after so much expense, paid for by public funds, and official assurances of the efficacy of the indelible ink. The EC had earlier stated that the ink would stay on for seven days. In the pictures we have received, some of the ink can still be seen – however, the question is then: will it last until polling day? This incident cannot help but further fuel public fear of electoral fraud and calls into question the conduct of the EC.


PEMANTAU demands that the EC purchase new ink for the upcoming polling day and for the EC to hold a public demonstration on the usage of the ink. Despite the added expense, we need an indelible ink that works to prevent multiple voting. We also strongly call for an urgent investigation by the relevant authorities. However, we hope that the investigation will not target individuals reporting the removal of the ink, but rather the officials within the EC and government agencies who arranged for the purchase and use of this ink.


Finally, we call on every registered voter to come out and vote on 5th May, to minimise the impact of any instances of cheating and fraud. Your vote is the final and best measure against electoral fraud. Every legitimate vote counts.


PEMANTAU Pilihan Raya Rakyat (PEMANTAU) comprises of:


Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections 2.0 (BERSIH 2.0)

Malaysians for Free and Fair Elections (MAFREL)



For further enquiries, please contact the BERSIH 2.0 secretariat at

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